Sierra Burgess is a Loser – Movie review

Pretty Spoiler free 🙂

Netflix has been pumping out some pretty awesome original content. It was because of Netflix and the amazing show Stranger things that I discovered Shannon Purser. I don’t really have celebrity icons, but if I were, I would consider her mine. She is so inspiring to me, and a great actress to boot.

I basically watched this movie for her, and I was excited to watch it as soon as I saw the trailer.

This being said, I wasn’t a fan of the movie. I loved a few things… but most of the movie I had serious issues with.

What I loved:

  • Jamie. Mostly love the actor Noah (not even gonna try to spell his last name)
  • Veronica’s character development (this is in both the love and dislike list- don’t ask. I love how in the beginning I hated her and loved her by the end. HOWEVER, I feel like some of the character development was unrealistic. I wish she would have been a bit less… in the beginning)
  • The sunflower song 😍
  • Deaf character rep. I’m hard of hearing and LOVED seeing ASL being used in the movie and to see Jamie’s little bro representing the community. Warms my heart.
  • The body image message throughout the movie. This is such an important and often overlooked problem in society- but this movie cast some light on the subject and was just amazing to see.
  • Veronica and Sierras relationship

Now for some of the things I… wasn’t so crazy about…

  • The cat fishing. I was on the fence about it from the trailer, but they drug this out too long and it was so unfair to the love interest, Jamie. There were soooo many things wrong with this, and it is not my cup of tea to support a movie that made it seem okay. Had they kept it shorter it may have been fine, but they didn’t, so I guess I’ll never know.
  • Veronica’s character development (see love list)
  • Some parts of this movie were sooooo cheesy it hurt
  • Bad writing/directing. I have seen the actors in other things, so I figured there was something else going on when things just felt so awkwardly worded and acted out. I finally figured out that the writing was just not fluid or realistic.
  • How Sierra treated her bestie, Dan. This was resolved in the end, but still worthy of mention.
  • The ending. I’m keeping this spoiler free… but I just don’t like the way it ended. Nope.

Overall, I really like some stuff but just just can’t get behind other parts. Please don’t think I’m trying to hate on anyone who was involved in making the movie or those who love this movie. These are just my thoughts on the movie, which was a pretty big no from me. :/

What did you think? Let me know in the comments! 😀


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